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Tree Pruning

Tree PruningKenny Tree Inc. provides tree pruning and trimming with our certified Arborist and Horticulturist. Pruning your trees keeps them healthy and beautiful. There are many different methods for different tree species and are dependent on how your trees grow.

Do you need more light for your yard or a garden?
Elevating the canopy could be the solution.

Are limbs growing over your home?
Zone clearance pruning could be your solution.

Do your trees need shaping?
Deadwood and shaping could be your solution.

Whatever you need our Estimators are always happy to walk through short and long term plans for your trees.


Crown Cleaning of a tree canopy involves pruning excess branches and limbs out of the crown. Pruning deadwood and diseased limbs out of a tree is part of a healthy and common maintenance program.

Thinning out of the interior crossing and rubbing limbs is a common and acceptable practice. Thinning helps reduce wind resistance and thus reduces the chance of a wind storm blowing the tree over.

Elevating the lower limbs is necessary at times when the limbs are encroaching on a structure or hang low over a sidewalk or road. When elevating the lower limbs on a tree it is important to take a step back and see the entire tree to be sure the tree is balanced after it is pruned.

Are squirrels or raccoons keeping you up at night? Are the branches rubbing up against your home? Clearing limbs away for a zone clearance is a common practice. Limbs need to be cut properly. Back to the nearest lateral limb just outside the branch collar.

Kenny Tree Inc. has built it’s reputation on professional quality work with customer satisfaction as our goal. The job isn’t done until you are happy and satisfied with the work.

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